OZONE CITY is one of the most prestigious projects of Ozone Group. It is the 1st integrated township at Aligarh proposed to be developed over more than 200 acres of area.

Ozone Road, Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh 202001


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Explore Modern Living with Dream Home in Aligarh

Explore Modern Living with Dream Home in Aligarh

Dream Home in Aligarh

It’s never been easier to find your dream home in Aligarh. Ozone City has the perfect mix of comfort and luxury, making it a great place to start over. This planned township is meant to give you a way of life where happiness is always with you.

Find out about Ozone City

Ozone City is more than 200 acres big and has many different kinds of homes, such as plots, apartments, villas, flats and more. This project by the Ozone Group makes sure that every resident lives in a modern way, surrounded by beautiful green spaces and top-notch amenities.

Modern Comforts for Living

People who live in Ozone City can use a gym, a swimming pool, a clubhouse, parks, and other facilities. Underground power lines, state-of-the-art sewage treatment plants, and beautifully landscaped green spaces make the township a sustainable and comfortable place to live.

Ozone City - Best dream home in Aligarh

A Bustling Neighborhood

When you live in Ozone City, you become part of a lively neighborhood. There are already a lot of happy people living in the township. They like the high standard of living and sense of community that Ozone City provides.


In Ozone City, Aligarh, you can start over and find your dream home, where happiness will follow you every day. All kinds of people can find a place to live in Ozone City, from fancy villas to cozy apartments.