OZONE CITY is one of the most prestigious projects of Ozone Group. It is the 1st integrated township at Aligarh proposed to be developed over more than 200 acres of area.

Ozone Road, Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh 202001


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Elevate Your Lifestyle with Aligarh’s Premier Luxury Clubhouse Amenities

Elevate Your Lifestyle with Aligarh’s Premier Luxury Clubhouse Amenities

Aligarh’s Premier Luxury Clubhouse Amenities

Embark on a journey of luxury and convenience with the new villas available in Ozone City, Aligarh. These homes are designed to cater to those who seek a lifestyle that blends modern amenities with serene living spaces. The heart of this luxurious living experience is Ozone City’s premier luxury clubhouse, a hub of exclusive amenities that set new standards for comfort and elegance in Aligarh.

Ozone City’s Premier Luxury Clubhouse Amenities

Ozone City’s commitment to providing an elevated lifestyle is evident through its meticulously designed clubhouse. This exclusive space is crafted to offer residents a retreat where they can unwind, entertain, and stay active, all within the comfort of their community.

Ozone City - Premier Luxury Clubhouse Amenities

Unparalleled Leisure and Wellness Facilities

The clubhouse boasts a range of facilities aimed at enhancing your leisure and wellness experience. From a state-of-the-art gymnasium for fitness enthusiasts to a rejuvenating spa for those seeking relaxation, the clubhouse caters to all aspects of wellness.

Dive into Luxury with Our Swimming Pool

One of the highlights of the clubhouse is the luxurious swimming pool. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a refreshing swim or relax by the poolside, this amenity offers a perfect escape from the everyday hustle.

Engage in Social and Recreational Activities

The clubhouse is also designed to foster a sense of community among residents. With multipurpose halls and outdoor spaces for events and gatherings, it provides an ideal setting for socializing and recreational activities.

A Safe Heaven for Children

Understanding the importance of play in a child’s life, Ozone City has incorporated dedicated play areas within the clubhouse premises. These safe and engaging spaces allow children to explore and enjoy their childhood to the fullest.


Ozone City invites you to experience a lifestyle where luxury, comfort, and community living converge. With the new villas available in Aligarh, coupled with the premier luxury clubhouse amenities, residents can enjoy an elevated living experience that’s unmatched in the region. Embrace the opportunity to make your dream lifestyle a reality with Ozone City’s exceptional offerings.

Elevate Your Living: Discover Affordable Luxury Villas in Aligarh

Elevate Your Living: Discover Affordable Luxury Villas in Aligarh

Affordable Luxury Villas in Aligarh

Discover your dream home with new villas in Aligarh’s Ozone City. Starting at Rs 64 lakh, enjoy luxury living with modern amenities. Limited availability!

New Villas Available in Aligarh

Your search for the perfect home ends here! Ozone City Aligarh is proud to announce the expansion of its residential options with the introduction of beautiful simplex and semi-duplex villas. Spanning 150–160 square yards, these new villas are designed to cater to your dreams of luxury living within a comfortable budget. Starting at an attractive price of just Rs 64 lakh, these semi-furnished homes offer modern amenities that elevate your living experience.

Why Choose Our Villas in Ozone City Aligarh?

  • Affordable Luxury: With prices starting from Rs 64 lakh, owning a dream home is now within your reach.
  • Modern Amenities: Semi-furnished villas equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to make your life more special.
  • Spacious Designs: Choose between simplex and semi-duplex layouts, offering ample space for your family’s needs.
  • Premium Clubhouse Access: Enjoy access to a premium clubhouse, complete with a swimming pool and various modern amenities for leisure and relaxation.
  • Convenient Location: Situated on a 30–40-foot-wide front road, this ensures an accessible and comfortable journey to your dream home.
Ozone City - Our Villas in Ozone City Aligarh

Don’t Miss This Great Opportunity!

The opportunity to own your dream home in Ozone City, Aligarh, is here, but it won’t last long. With only a few villas left, now is the time to take action. These homes are not just residences but gateways to a lifestyle filled with joy, comfort, and luxury. Whether you’re enjoying a serene evening in your spacious living room or taking a dip in the clubhouse pool, life in Ozone City, Aligarh, is everything you’ve dreamed of and more.

Get in Touch Today!

Make your dream a reality by getting in touch with us today. Our team is ready to assist you every step of the way to owning your new villa in Aligarh’s Ozone City. Don’t let this fantastic opportunity pass you by. Contact us now and take the first step towards living in your dream home.